Going to Tokyo for new years


Going to Tokyo for new years

We live in Norway and would like to order Japan Rail Pass and have it sent to Tokyo, is it possible?
I found out about japan rail pass way to late in a youtube video and just notice it had to be shipped out instead of digital.

There is no time to have it delivered home, but we will stay in Shibuya, Tokyo for 6 days and later go to Kyoto and Osaka. Is this possible?

Jonathan - Staff member Unselected an answer January 1, 2023

Hi Elsa, we can have it ahipped to your hotel in Japan. Kepe in mind that we can’t take any resposibility for unexpected delays by UPS which may cause the Japan Rail Pass to not arrive in time. Feel free tonplace your order and have it marked with “Urgent” upon order.

With kind regards, Jonathan H.

Getjrpass Staff

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