NEWS – New date for JR Prices!


NEWS – New date for JR Prices!

JR Group recently decided on a price increse on JR Passes by 65-75%, and promiesed a date mid October.
The new date has however been decided and the new prices will be activated from October 1st, local time.




  • 7 days – 50,000 JPY
  • 14 days – 80,000 JPY
  • 21 days – 100,000 JPY


Green Pass

  • 7 days – 70,000 JPY
  • 14 days – 110,000 JPY
  • 21 days – 140,000 JPY
Anonymous Answered question September 2, 2023

Given the current state of the Global economy, especially here in the UK, that size of price hike is really not going to encourage or help people to visit, as wonderful Japan and JR is. The current great value of the ticket is what makes the visits viable assuming most visitors want to explore the beauty of Japan beyond their port of entry. This may well push pricing beyond most people’s budgets especially from the European side of the pond.

Kevin Steel Answered question August 10, 2023

I totally agree with Kevin… this amount of price raise makes that travelling without a JR pass is more expensive than pay for each ticket with,for example a IC card. You got to travel a hell of a lot to get some benefits out of the JR card. We plan to go to Japan next year and for 17 days and visit 7 city’s,I made an estimate of the cost for travelling these city’s and I don’t come near the new price for a JR pass. Very disappointed about the action of JR rail,this will indeed stop people from visiting Japan.

Koen meekers Posted new comment September 2, 2023

I fully understand your point from the current perspective, but the new JR Pass will include a lot of new benefits which will be well worth it for many visitors. Yet to be announed however 😊🇯🇵

Ok Jonathan…You make me curious 😉

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