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Japan Rail Pass

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Japan Rail Pass

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Visit Japan and take part of its beautiful nature, many attractions and cozy cities with a JR Pass. A Japan Rail Pass, also called a JR Pass, allows you to travel freely and with unlimited fairs throughout the country with the shinkansen high-speed train, regular trains, the subway and lots of buses. You can even catch the ferry to Miyajima!

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Visit Japan and enjoy all of its beautiful nature, many attractions and cozy cities with a Japan Rail Pass. The pass, also known as a JR Pass, allows you to travel freely and with unlimited fairs throughout the country with the Shinkansen high-speed trains, regular trains, the subway and lots of buses. You can even catch the ferry to Miyajima!

Standard Pass

Price from 218

The ordinary pass is by far the best Japan Rail Pass and allows you to move around painlessly throughout Japan. Your JR Pass must be activated within 90 days from the order date. Order yours today and enjoy Japan!

Green Pass

Price from 288

Green Pass is the Japan Rail Pass equivalent of business class. Here you get the opportunity to ride with nicer carriages, better seats, food service on board, shorter waiting times and other amenities to make your trip easier.

Discount for children

50% discount for children between 6 – 11 years. Children under 6 ride for free and do not need a JR Pass. Children from the age of 12 and up are classified as adults.

Japan Rail Pass is fantastic!

Discover the beautiful country of Japan with help of a Japan Rail Pass and travel across the country in super-speed on Shinkansen bullet trains. Choose between the standard, best value for the buck pass or the first class version of the JR Pass called a “Green Pass”. Regardless of your choice, you’ll have a great stay in Japan!

What is a Green Pass and why should I buy one?

The standard JR Pass is valid for travel on most JR trains, including local, rapid, and express trains. This pass is suitable for travelers who want to explore different parts of Japan and visit multiple cities to a great discounted price.

The green JR Pass, on the other hand, is a higher-class version of the standard pass and is valid for travel on the Green Car trains, which are the first-class carriages on certain JR trains. Green Car trains offer more spacious seating and a quieter atmosphere, making them a good choice for travelers who want a more comfortable journey. However, the green pass is more expensive than the standard pass and is only available on certain routes. You are still able to travel in the normal wagons if the route doesn’t have a Green area.

What is the real diffrence between Standard pass and a Green pass?

The green Japan Rail Pass is considered to be a better option than the standard pass for a few reasons. First, the green pass allows access to Green Car trains, which are the first-class carriages on certain JR trains. These trains offer more spacious seating and a quieter atmosphere, making them a more comfortable option for travelers.

Finally, the green pass may also be a good choice for travelers who are willing to pay a higher price for a more luxurious and comfortable travel experience. However, it’s important to note that the green pass is more expensive than the standard pass, so it may not be the best option for travelers on a tight budget.

How much money can I save with a JR Pass?

A Japan Rail Pass can save travelers a significant amount of money on train travel within Japan. The exact amount of money that a JR Pass can save depends on the type of pass and the travel itinerary of the individual traveler.

For example, if a traveler purchases a standard JR Pass for seven days, they can expect to save around 20,000 to 30,000 yen (approximately 180 to 270 EUR) on train travel, compared to purchasing individual train tickets. A green JR Pass for the same duration can save travelers around 30,000 to 40,000 yen (approximately 270 to 360 EUR). These estimates are based on the average cost of train tickets in Japan and may vary depending on the specific route and class of service.

Overall, a Japan Rail Pass can save travelers a considerable amount of money on train travel within Japan and is a good option for those who are planning to visit multiple cities and use the train as their primary mode of transportation.

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Cancer foundation

Together against cancer

Several members of our staff has gone through chemotherapy and defeated cancer. But we all have friends and family who wasn’t as lucky. We’d like to show our support and will donate €2 for each sold Japan Rail Pass to the Cancer foundation, forever.

We stand against cancer and wish to help the future generation by supporting the cancer foundation and their research.

How does it work?

Order japan rail pass.

Step 1

Order your Japan Rail Pass

Place your JR Pass order at Getjrpass and we’ll prepare and ship your order with UPS Express within 1 workday.

Receive Japan Rail Pass JR Pass

Step 2

Receive a JR Pass voucher in the mail

You should receive your Japan Rail Pass in the mail within a few days, along with information about your purchase.

Plane towards japan

Step 3

Pack your bags and head to Japan

Book your flight ticket and head to Japan for a fantastic experience with friends and family.

JR station desk

Step 4

Visit your nearest JR office

Visit the nearest JR office and exchange your MCO voucher for a physical Japan Rail Pass.

Red Japan Rail Pass exchange voucher


Explore Japan with unlimited JR fairs

You are there, your JR pass has been redeemed and endless train journeys await. Explore this amazing country and enjoy your visit. If you want tips on activities and sights, our travel guide is full of them!

Why should I buy a Japan Rail Pass?


The JR Pass gives you access to a wide range of trains, including the high-speed Shinkansen trains, local trains, and even some buses and ferries. This means that you can easily travel between cities, visit multiple destinations in a day and take day trips without worrying about purchasing separate tickets for each leg of your journey.


The cost of individual train tickets in Japan can add up quickly, especially if you are traveling long distances or using the Shinkansen. The JR Pass on the other hand, offers significant savings, especially if you plan to take multiple train trips during your stay.


With the Japan Rail Pass, you have the freedom to travel wherever and whenever you want, without being limited by schedules or fare restrictions. You can also change your travel plans on the fly, as the JR Pass is valid for a specified period of time, giving you the flexibility to adjust your itinerary as needed.


The trains in Japan are known for their comfort and punctuality, and the JR Pass gives you access to them. You can relax in your seat, enjoy the scenery, and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to explore.

Ease of use

The JR Pass is easy to use, with clear instructions and English-language signage at stations and on trains. You can simply present your Japan Rail Pass at the gate and board the train, without worrying about finding the right ticket or fare.

Stress free travel

With the Japan Rail Pass, you can avoid the stress and uncertainty of trying to navigate the complex and crowded public transportation system in Japan. You can focus on enjoying your trip and making the most of your time, knowing that you have a reliable and affordable means of transportation.

Exclusive discounts and perks

In addition to unlimited travel on the JR network, the JR Pass also offers exclusive discounts and perks, such as discounts on selected JR-affiliated hotels and rental cars.

Cultural experience

Riding the trains in Japan is a cultural experience in itself, and the JR Pass gives you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in this unique and efficient transportation system. You can observe the customs and traditions of Japanese train travel, such as bowing to the conductor.

Value for money

The JR Pass offers excellent value for money, especially if you are planning to travel extensively in Japan. You can save hundreds of dollars on train fares and take advantage of the convenience and comfort of the JR network.

Easy to purchase

The JR Pass can be purchased online through a travel agent before your trip to Japan. is an official travel agent and seller of the Japan Rail Pass, listed as a partner on the official Japan Rail Pass website. You are in safe hands.


Overall, the Japan Rail Pass is a valuable tool for travelers to Japan, offering convenience, affordability, flexibility, comfort, ease of use, and a unique cultural experience. If you are planning a trip to Japan and want to make the most of your time and budget, the JR Pass is a must-have.

“Bought a Japan Rail Pass just before covid hit and had the best trip ever!”
- Victoria Schultz
“We saved hundreds of euros when going to Osaka & Nara”
- Annika Eriksson
“Wish we knew about jr pass during our first visit. They were well worth it!”
- Caroline Holm
Passengers on airplane

Japanese citizen? IMPORTANT!

Japanese citizens need a certificate from the Japanese Embassy verifying that you have resided outside Japan for at least 10 consecutive years. This certificate must be issued BEFORE you order your JR Pass to be approved in Japan and must be a maximum of 6 months old when you exchange your MCO voucher with JR in Japan.

Children over the age of 12 need their own certificate from the embassy, even if they have never lived in Japan. Children under the age of 12 can have their name inscribed in a parent’s certificate however. Please email us for more information before purchasing if you have any questions.

Standard Pass
vs Green Pass

The “Green” carts on the train are equipped with larger windows, a more quiet environment, newspapers, nicer seats, more legroom and more space for your luggage. All this along with better service, free drinks on some trains and shorter queues.

Some trains also offer their passengers a free ‘oshibori’. A kind of towel that can be either hot or cold depending on the season.

Shinkansen bullet train
Get JR Pass

Official Japan Rail Pass Seller is a part of Flygi AB and issue your Japan Rail Passes directly in our office, without any middlemen. We are an official and authorized Japan Rail Pass distributor who ship out your issued MCO’s with fast delivery through UPS Express. Every JR Pass is doublechecked and gently packed in a well-protected box before leaving our office.

What are the benefits of a
Japan Rail Pass?

Shinkansen 320kmh
Super fast!

Move super fast and easily between all of Japan’s cities with the Shinkansen bullet trains. The trains take you between the cities at 320 km/h and are always punctual on top of being well taken care of and clean. A day-trip to cities 500 km away is suddenly a possibility!

Certified seller of Japan Rail Pass


Travel across Japan with good conscience in a more environmentally friendly option compared to an airplane. Taking the Shinkansen trains is usually much faster than a plane anyways, since you don’t have to wait at the airport before departure.

Japan rail pass green
Save money

Save both time and money with a Japan Rail Pass. A roundtrip between Tokyo and Osaka will cost you as much as a 7-days standard Japan Rail Pass. Enjoy unlimited fairs on JR’s lines.


Airport transfer

With the JR Pass, you can easily and inclusively move both to and from the airport. Narita Express, Tokyo Monorail and Haruka Express are 3 of many lines included with your Japan Rail Pass.

Automatic jr gates
Automatic gates

Avoid clicking around poorly translated ticket machines and instead walk right through the automatic gates at each station with your Japan Rail Pass in hand. A much appreciated new feature included with the JR Pass since late 2020.

Travel Japan by Train

Book a seat

You can walk on to any JR train you want, but to be guaranteed a seat, it might be good to pre-book seating at the nearest JR office or ticket machine. These are available at all of the country’s major train stations and airports and is a service included with all types of Japan Rail Pass.

Frequently asked questions

We are mainly using UPS for international shipping unless other shipping provider is requested. Keep in mind that we only have contract with UPS and Postnord (EMS), and for that reason might request additional payment if another alternativt is requested by the buyer other than UPS and EMS. No additional cost is added to the order if using the normal UPS or EMS alternative included in the shipping cost upon purchase.

We do ship to your hotel in Japan, but we recommend a purchase atleast 2 weeks before your arrival if so due to unexpected delays in the shipping. Keep in mind that we can not deliver to your Airbnb, only hotels with a service desk.

No, in 99.9% of the cases you do not, as the MCO voucher has no physical value and the value of the purchase stays in Japan during the entire time. Your MCO voucher is only an original receipt required to bring to Japan for exchange of a Japan Rail Pass. The passes are shipped as non-value documents, since they can be cancelled if lost in transit.

Sadly no. The original MCO document sent to you by post with UPS has to be brought to Japan in its original form and exchanged for a Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) at your local and nearest JR office.

Bring your MCO voucher along with your passport (and certificate from the embassy if you’re a Japanese citizen) to your nearest JR office and exchange for a Japan Rail Pass. You have 90 days to exchange the voucher for a JR Pass after it has been issued and sent out by Getjrpass.

The metro lines are not owned by JR, but JR owns the subway lines in most major cities such as Tokyo. The subway and Metro is the same thing in Japan, just different names for different lines where about 50% of the lines are owned and handled by JR, allowing you to use them freely during your stay with a Japan Rail Pass. Cities like Tokyo usually need you to combine both a metro and JR line to get to your destination as they cover different parts of the city.

The Japan Rail Pass allows you to travel on MOST lines covered by JR. There are just a few non-included trains, such as Nozami Shinkansen trains on the Tokaido Line and Mizuho trains on the Kyushu Shinkansen lines. These lines are however covered by other Shinkansen trains with similar speed, just slightly more stops along the way.

We recommend all our customers to order their Japan Rail Pass atleast 2-4 weeks before their departure. We can not take any responsible or do anything to effect shipping delays caused by UPS or force majeure. Keep in mind that the Japan Rail Passes can be unissued if lost in transport along the way, and new ones be shipped out. For this reason, spare a few extra days incase anything unexpected happens.

We will send out your order the next work day at latest, but we always try to send out our orders the same day to save the buyer an extra day of transit. Late orders will however be shipped the next work day, as UPS require the order at their pick-up point before 15:00 CET.

Japanese citizens are required to bring a certificate from the embassy as proof that thay been staying aborad for atleast 10 consecutive years. This document has to be issued before we issue the JR Passes and be a maximum of 6 months old when you exchange the MCO’s in Japan. Read more here.

Sadly you are required to have a Temporary Visitor visa to exchange your voucher in Japan, which you won’t be given if you enter Japan on a tourist visa.

Well, compared to multiple fares without one, yes. The price for a roundtrip ticket to Osaka or Kyoto from Tokyo is almost as expensive as a 7 days Japan Rail Pass, which makes the JR Pass very good value for the money if you plan on going anywhere else. The passes can be used on multiple train, subway, buss and boat fairs under JR’s name on top of the Shinkansen lines.

To be eligible for a Japan Rail Pass, you need a 15,30 or 90 days Temporary Visitor Visa. This sticker or stamp is printed in your passport upon arrival. Most tourist will be granted a temporary visitor visa automatically upon arrival, while some need to apply for it before hand. Check with the Japanese Embassy before going to Japan.

If you use any type of automated gate upon arrival at the airport, no stamp or sticker will be given in your passport which is required for a Japan Rail Pass.

Both yes and no. There is a 50% discount for children under the age of 12 and free fares for children under the age of 6. But JR does not offer any senior or similar discounts at this moment. All prices are fixed and set by JR.

The Japan Rail Pass itself is however a very valuable discount it self and allows you to save hundreds of euros on train, boat and buss fares.