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Japanese Citizen

Read carefully

Embassy certificate

Japanese citizens need a certificate from the Japanese Embassy verifying that they have resided outside Japan for at least 10 consecutive years. This certificate must be issued BEFORE you order your JR Pass to be approved in Japan and must be a maximum of 6 months old when you exchange your voucher with JR in Japan.

Children over the age of 12 need their certificate from the embassy or be included in a parent’s certificate, even if they have never lived in Japan. Please email us for more information before purchasing if you have any questions.

Read this document! (in Japanese)

Dual citizenship?

If you have a passport in both Japan and your current country of living, you’ll automatically enter Japan with your Japanese passport due to your citizenship, regardless of which passport you show them at the airport. You can NOT order the Japan Rail Pass with your other passport and expect to be able to issue the rail pass.

Since you enter on a Japanese passport, you won’t get the Temporary Visitor stamp in your passport, which is required to exchange your Japan Rail Pass. The certificate from the Embassy replaces the temporary visitor stamp and allows you to exchange the MCO for a JR Pass, even with with dual citizenship.

How do I contact the embassy?

The Japanese Embassy is structured differently across the globe, but most allow you to either visit the embassy personally with your passport and issue the required certificate or in most cases also send them some pre-signed documents provided (provided by the embassy over email) along with your passport.

The document can also be found in the link below. The Embassy will later issue and send out the passport in return along with a certificate stating that you have been living abroad for more than 10 years.

Keep in mind that your children under the age of 12 have to be written in the same document if they have a Japanese passport or citizenship. Children above 12 years old need their certificate.

Read this document! (in Japanese)

Cute child on train

Japanese children

A child’s name can be listed in a “Family Certificate” along with their parent’s name if they live together. The child’s full name has to be stated in the document to be eligible for a Japan Rail Pass.

Children under the age of 12 have to be accompanied by an adult at all times to use their Japan Rail Pass and need their own Japan Rail Pass unless they are under the age of 6 and ride along for free.

Important before purchase

If you have Japanese citizenship and live abroad, you’re required to bring one of these 3 to Japan along with your passport.

Certificate of Overseas Residence 在留証明書

This document/certificate is issued by the embassy or legation of Japan in your country of living. This certificate has to be issued BEFORE you order your Japan Rail Pass and within 6 months of the planned exchange date in Japan to be valid. JR will decline your exchange in Japan if the date on your certificate is newer than your JR Pass voucher. Keep this in mind and take it seriously. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Copy of your Overseas Residential Registration 在留届の写し

Copy of your Overseas Residential Registration

Copy of your Overseas Residential Registration issued by the embassy or legation of Japan in the foreign country where you live. Limited to an Overseas Residential Registration with a date of acceptance at least 10 years earlier.

Permanent Resident Card 永住カード (only for Brazil, Canada and USA)

This permanent resident card is required if you live in the US, Canada, or Brazil and is issued by the government in your country. The document has to state a record of residence of more than 10 years. This information is only important for travelers and users from the USA, Brazil, and Canada and does not occur to other visitors in other countries.

In Brazil, the form was changed in September 2018, and the date of beginning the stay is no longer stated in the new card. Therefore, if you have the new “CARTEIRA DE REGISTRO NACIONAL MIGRATÓ RIO” card, please also present a copy of the old “CÉDULA DE IDENTIDADE DE ESTRANGEIRO” card which has the same name and date of birth as those in the new card. Because it is not possible to confirm whether or not the period of stay exceeds 10 years with only the new card, you cannot purchase an Exchange Order or exchange it for a Japan Rail Pass.

Keep in mind

The copy of the Overseas Residential Registration and the Certificate of Overseas Residence are only valid for 6 months after the date of issue.

You cannot use a photocopy of your written proof to purchase an MCO or to exchange your MCO for a JR Pass.

More information

For more information please visit the Japan Rail Pass official website for updated documentation.

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