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The numbers below include tickets for this event already in your cart. Clicking "Get Tickets" will allow you to edit any existing attendee information as well as change ticket quantities.
Adult - 7 days
Green pass (¥70.000)
Adult - 14 days
Green pass (¥110.000)
Adult - 21 days
Green pass (¥140.000)
Child - 7 days
Green pass (¥35.000)
Child - 14 days
Green pass (¥55.000)
Child - 21 days
Green pass (¥70.000)

50% discount for children between the ages of 6-11. Children under the age of 6 ride for free and children from 12 and up are considered adults.

Green Pass

Order your Japan Rail Pass


All Japanese rail passes have to be sent out physically. Please allow at least 14 days of shipping in case of any unexpected delays. If an order is placed too close to your departure date and we estimate a delivery date after your departure, a refund will be issued minus the cost for transaction fees of 1.5% per transaction as well as a 35 EUR handling fee. Transaction percentage may differ if paid with a credit card.

Your name must be written EXACTLY as in your passport, including all the names, and in the proper order. Special letters are not allowed. Names such as Björn are written as Bjoern like in your passport.

The pass is available for:

  • included
    Non-Japanese passport holders under the entry status of "Temporary Visitor".
  • included
    Japanese Citizens who have lived abroad for more than 10 consecutive years with a certificate from their local embassy.

You can NOT purchase a JR Pass if:

  • not included
    You enter on a student visa.
  • not included
    You enter on a work visa.
  • not included
    You are a japanese citizen and have lived abroad for less than 10 years.
  • not included
    You enter Japan on any other visa than "Temporary Visitor".

Activate your Japan Rail Pass

The JR Pass must be activated within 90 days from the order date. Make sure not to order your pass too far in advance as they can only be activated within 3 months after ordering and are denied exchange on the spot in Japan if it has expired. We therefore recommend that you order your JR Pass about 4 weeks before the planned departure.

Japanese citizen

It is very important that Japanese citizens have obtained a certificate from the Japanese Embassy before purchasing their JR Pass. Children can have their names written in the parents family certificate. All Japanese citizens over the age of 12 must have their own certificate, even if they have lived abroad all their life. This must be issued BEFORE your JR Pass can be ordered from us.

Non-Japanese travelers can ignore this and do not need a certificate from the embassy, you will instead receive a visa-stamp in your passport when you arrive in Japan.

Good to know about the Japan Rail Pass

  • Green cars and green wagons may only be used if you have a Green Pass.
  • Seat reservation is free and included in your Japan Rail Pass. Seating can be booked at any JR Desk or with the Shinkansen ticket-machines located inside all major train stations and airports.
  • Your rail pass is personal and can only be used by the original user. Transfer of the pass to another name is not possible.
  • Your passport and JR Pass is required to bring along on all train journeys and at all times, incase JR Staff request to see your identity and verify that you are the original pass holder.
  • Shinkansen trains have both non-reserved as well as reserved wagons, which allows you to enter trains on short notice without any seat reservation or booking.
Luxury seating shinkansen

First class ticket

Upgrade your Japan adventure with the Green Pass, a first-class ticket. This premium option for the Japan Rail Pass grants access to spacious and comfortable first-class seating on all Shinkansen bullet trains and select limited express lines.

Enjoy a luxurious travel experience with more legroom, fewer passengers, and free amenities (availability may vary). Ideal for travelers seeking a touch of elegance during their Japanese exploration.

Playing with phone train

Much better seats

Travel with comfort using your Green Car upgrades. These premium wagons offer wider, plusher seats with fewer passengers per row, translating to a more spacious and relaxing journey. Green Cars are featured on nearly all Shinkansen trains, with only a limited number of smaller models excluded. For details on these exceptions, please refer to the information provided later on this page.

Entrane tokyo station jr section

Less crowded

Japan’s holiday season is a magical time, but it can also mean crowded trains. While both Green and Standard Japan Rail Pass holders can book seats in advance, securing a spot becomes even more crucial during peak travel periods.

The Green Pass offers a significant advantage: significantly lower chances of encountering fully booked trains. This translates to greater peace of mind and flexibility in planning your holiday itinerary.

Spacious seats shinkansen

Spacious trains

Since Green Cars have fewer seats per row you’ll experience a more comfortable train ride overall. This translates to more legroom and a more personal travel space on the train for each traveler. Additionally, the reduced crowds in Green Cars create a calmer and quieter atmosphere, making your journey even more enjoyable.

Finally, the smaller number of passengers often translates to quicker access to shared facilities like restrooms, eliminating the need to wait in long lines during your trip.

Kyoto station walking luggage.

More luggage space

While luggage restrictions apply to all Japan Rail Pass holders, the Green Pass offers a slight advantage for those with more extensive baggage needs. Compared to standard class, Green Car passengers enjoy a bit more flexibility with their luggage.

If your bag exceeds 160 cm in total (height+width+depth), you’ll have to reserve a seat with a larger luggage area. This is included for all JR Pass holders, regardless of type – but limited to just a couple per wagon. As there are less seats in the Green Cars, the chance of getting a seat like this is much higher.

Woman on phone train

Green Car WiFi

Both Green and Standard cars offer complimentary Wi-Fi access, allowing you to stay connected throughout your Shinkansen journey. However, due to the smaller passenger capacity in Green Cars, the Wi-Fi signal is often stronger and more reliable in these premium carriages.

For most travelers, the free Wi-Fi will suffice, but the option to bring your own portable Wi-Fi hotspot remains available for those with specific needs.

railway station

Green Car marks

Green Cars are easily identifiable by their distinctive green clover symbol displayed prominently on the carriage exterior, typically near the entrance doors.

green car

More information

For further details and the latest information on the Green Pass, including any updates or restrictions, please visit the Japan Rail Pass official website.

train seats

Free amenities​

In addition to the spacious seating and priority access, Green Pass holders enjoy a selection of complimentary refreshments and reading materials on board most Shinkansen trains. You’ll receive a complimentary Oshibori towel, a refreshing tradition in Japan. Some trains offer drinks and ice cream.

world map

Different companies

Remember, JR includes several railway companies, and amenities can differ between lines and trains. Always check with the official JR website or app for the latest information on specific routes and amenities to ensure you book the right service for your needs while in Japan.

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