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Do you have a passion for travel, a thirst for adventure, or simply want the inside scoop on some of the best destinations in Japan? Our Getjrpass ambassadors have got you covered!

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Thattravelguy_ a.k.a Adam is a fantastic Japan-expert with millions of likes and views on his popular TikTok channel! He’s the type of expert who just wont google something, but actually travel around Japan himself sharing the best tips he comes across in a very informative, yet very pleasent way – all to make your stay in Japan as good as possible.

You get hooked on his videos easily, that’s a promise! 😉




Justin, running itsjustinjapan is a great and beloved travel guide supplier on TikTok. Aport from providing great tips and guides on TikTok, he also run a couple of travel guides and a very popular weekly newsletter containing freebies, exlusive deals as well as guides and tips.

Check out Justin’s channel and get inspiration for your next trip! You wont be disappointed 🏯

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At Getjrpass, we’re passionate about raising the voices of content creators and helping them connect with a wider audience. We truly admire individuals who spark interest in Japan’s rich culture and promote its beauty to their followers. Whether you’re a upcomming influencer or someone with a growing social media presence focused on Japan, we welcome you. The size of your audience or the platform you’re on doesn’t define our partnership. We believe in supporting everyone who supports Japan.

Today, we’re proud to collaborate with friends and ambassadors across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Interested in being part of our community? We’d love to have you on board!

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As you prepare for a mesmerizing journey across Japan, don’t forget the indispensable Japan Rail Pass. It’s more than just a ticket – it’s your gateway to discover Japan with great value. Whether you’re pursuing the beauty of cherry blossoms, exploring historic landmarks, or relishing the precision of Japan’s famed bullet train system, the Japan Rail Pass promises effortless travel. Remember to get your JR Pass before going on your trip to Japan. It’s not just about convenience; it’s a ticket to lasting memories. Wishing you safe journeys and unforgettable memories on your Japanese odyssey!