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Refund & return

Cancle & request a refund

As long as your Japan Rail Pass has not been activated in Japan and its within 12 months from the purchase date, we’re able to help you with a refund. Getjrpass will together with JR charge a 15% refund fee from the JR Pass value in your order, minus shipping cost and transaction fees. Meaning, you’ll get a 85% refund per Japan Rail Pass.

If you wish to cancel your JR Pass, we kindly ask you to contact us beforehand and allow us to guide you in the process. You can contact us using the contact form or

The buyer is responsible of the return of the Japan Rail Pass in its original condition as well as all the costs that may come with it, such as shipping. This is a requirement from JR, regardless of where you are located in the world.

If an order is placed too close to departure, a refund will be processed to your original card used upon purchase minus the cost of Stripe’s transactions fees as well as a handling fee of 35 EUR.

How long is the JR Pass valid?

The Japan Rail Pass MCO has to be exchanged in Japan for a rail pass within 90 days of purchase. If you try to exchange it past this date, they will decline your request and you wont be able to use your JR Pass. Therefore we usually suggest to order the rail pass 3-4 weeks before your departure to Japan. It’s enough time to sort transportation errors as well as enough time if your flight get’s canceled or rebooked. We do however have as policy, to ship out your Japan Rail Pass as early as the next workday.

Your Japan Rail Pass is an ‘open-purchase’ for 1 year, meaning you can request a refund of 85% of the cost of the original Japan Rail Pass purchase minus shipping fee, if proof can be provided it has not been issued yet and is returned physically to our office. The pass has to be shipped back to us before we can start the refund process.

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