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Navitime - Route finder

This tool will allow you search and get a complete route from point A to point B. The are multiple similar tools, but this one has an esse up its sleeve. What makes this tool soo good, is the option to set and only display routes covered by your Japan Rail Pass. This makes it so much easier compared too google maps, who usually include Nazomi lines. It will also display the fare price for each trip with the option to desplay prices as regular, reserved seat and green pass.

We do however recommend to make a search both with and without the “Japan Rail Pass” ticked, to see if there is any faster transit alternatives for part of your trip. For example, to reach your JR Station, there might be a line not covered by your JR Pass for a few yen, that can save you up to an hour in transit sometimes. This is however only relevant for local destinations, such as your hotel to Akihabara and so on while searches from example Tokyo to Osaka will display Shinkansen trains instead of metro trains.

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