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Mobile WiFi Routers Wifi in Japan

Japan is a very photogenic country, you don’t want to miss out on sharing your new memories on social media. On top of being a very beautiful country, it’s also a big one. A very big one!

With that said, most of the Japanese population have poor English skills, making it hard to sometimes order food or communicate – especially if you leave Tokyo. Having internet with you to all your devices opens up Google Translate, timetables for trains, maps, and much more while traveling around in Japan!

But how does it work?

It’s a very smart, convenient, and easy process, completed in a couple of clicks and picked up at the airport after landing. You’ll be connected to the internet as soon as you enter Japan with ease!


Book your Router

Place your order via our partner Ninja WiFi and get a 10% discount on the router price, up to 1 day before arrival in Japan, regardless of how many days you rent.


Pick up in Japan

After landing in Japan, visit the NINJA WiFi desk at the airport and get your device. It is also possible via hotel delivery and pickup and their Shinjuku office.


Full internet access

Travel across Japan without looking for hotspots with free or super-slow internet. With a router from NINJA WiFi, you’re always connected!


Return wifi router

Your wifi router can be returned at an airport, the Shinjuku office, or via delivery pickup at most hotels and convenience stores across Japan.

How much does it cost?

3GB Unlimited

¥ 693 /day
  • 3 GB per day
  • 10% discount at checkout
  • Nationwide access

A great alternative for solo travellers or couples who want to be connected during their stay in Japan with full access to Google Maps, social media and internet browsing.

5GB Unlimited

¥ 990 /day
  • 5 GB per day
  • 10% discount at checkout
  • Nationwide access
  • Most popular

Perfect for couples and friends who visit Japan together and love sharing their memories on social media. Never feel left out or worry about internet with this medium dataplan. One of NINJA Wifi’s most popular and appreciated plans, which fits most groups.

10GB Unlimited

¥ 1,188 /day
  • 10 GB per day
  • 10% discount at checkout
  • Nationwide access

The perfect plan for families, or professionals who vlog, share videos on TikTok, Youtube or social media platforms. Browse internet like home, with low delays and full access. 

You can continue to use and access the internet after your daily limit has been reached, without any extra cost. The internet speed will however drop until the next day’s data kicks in.

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10% discount on WIFI

All customers get 10% off their Mobile WiFi Routers rental for a limited time via NINJA WiFi, Japan’s largest internet provider for tourists with most locations across the country!

Order and pick it up at the airport in Japan after landing, or have it shipped to your hotel beforehand.

It’s super easy, convenient, and most importantly, time-saving!

Make sure to order a couple of days beforehand if you intend to pick up your WiFi pocket router at the airport.

Save money by booking beforehand. 3GB will only cost you 693 JPY per day if booked via instead of higher rates per day if rented at the airport without reservation or via other platforms!

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What is a Mobile Router?

NINJA WiFi’s mobile pocket router is a portable device that provides travelers in Japan with seamless internet connectivity.

Operating on a 4G or sometimes even 5G network. Users can connect multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and even laptops for full internet access while on the run in Japan.

Popular among tourists and business professionals, NINJA WiFi’s pocket router is a convenient solution to share your memories, use maps, catch up on social media, and much more.

With its easy rental process and extensive coverage, it’s a must-have for those visiting Japan.

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Why choose NINJA Wifi?

NINJA WiFi has the most pick-up locations across Japan among all providers and service desks at all major airports. The wifi routers can be picked up at:

  • Any of Japan’s major airports
  • Shinjuku main office
  • Shipped to your hotel beforehand

Your WIFI pocket router can be dropped off at the airport, their main office, at your hotel, or any larger convenience store. A fee of 550 JPY (4 EUR) applies if left at your hotel or a convenience store instead of at the airport (free).

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Unlimited plans

There are 3 available plans: 3 GB per day, 5 GB per day, and 10 GB per day. They are all called Unlimited Plans as they continue to work but with a lower speed after the chosen data plan per day has been used.

The purchased data runs on 4G high speed but will jump down to 128 kb/s after all your data has been used. You may continue to use the internet after you have used all your data, but as mentioned with limited speed until the next day.

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Insurance & options

There are multiple insurance options, such as Full Insurance (330 JPY / day), covering 100% if lost or damaged. Mini Insurance (220 JPY / day) covering 80% of loss or damage and Medical and Wifi Insurance Pack (770 JPY / day) covering 90% of the damage if lost or damaged as well as 100% medical insurance covering up to 10 million JPY.

When it comes to extras, you can rent a Powerbank for 110 JPY per day, a 2-way Pocketalk translator available in 74 languages for only 880 JPY per day, and a 4-port USB AC adapter for 110 JPY per day.

Many of the insurance packages can be combined with rental extras as a package for extra savings. For example, 100% coverage Full Insurance + Battery Power Bank for only 440 JPY per day or the Medical and WiFi Insurance + Battery Plan for only 880 JPY per day, covering 90% of lost or damages as well as 10 million JPY in personal insurance, and includes a mobile battery.

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Free WIFI in Japan

Free wifi in Japan is not as convenient and good as you may think for a country as technical and modern as Japan. It’s usually very slow  and requires you to register before using it.

Frequently asked questions

No problem! Make sure to have the shipping adress labeled for: 

Hamakyorex Co., Ltd. NINJA WiFi Return Center
Address: 270-1443, 1027-7 Washinodani, Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture

Tokyo Seino Transportation Co., Ltd.
No. 2 Kashiwa Distribution Center 1F
To: NINJA WiFi Return Section


The above phone number is only to be written on the shipping slip, not called for customer support.

Everyone have their own way and preference of travelling, but most visitors will benefit from getting a NINJA WiFi Pocket Router via Getjrpass. Japanese people usually don’t speak English, so having internet access wherever you are allows you to translate menus and signs, check timetables for Shinkansen and local lines on the run, and share your new pictures on social media, which to be honest is a big part of travelling today, especially if you visit Japan!

Yes, your pocket WiFi router will work as a normal router and allow 5 devices to be connected at the same time. You may connect phones, tablets, laptops, and much more.

Yes! You can add a rechargable mobile battery to your order from the option list on the reservation form. The power bank can be used to charge your phone and other devices as well while on the go.

Mobile WiFi Router Fee 40,000 yen
SIM card reissue fee 3,000 yen
Pouch 1,000 yen
AC Adapter 1,000 yen
USB Cable 500 yen
Spare Battery 3,000 yen
USB x 4-port AC Adapter 3,000 yen
International Adapter plugs 1,000 yen
POCKETALK W 30,000 yen

All router rental packages come with a Pocket WIFI router, a charging cable with Japanese socket, instructions, and a storage pouch/case.

The WiFi pocket router can be returned to any major aiports. You can mix and match pickup and return locations while making your reservation at our partner NINJA WiFi.

If you make a reservation by 3:00 PM (Japan Time) the day prior, you can collect your WiFi device the following day from Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, or Kansai Airport. Additionally, you can get your device on the same day of your reservation at the Shinjuku counter, but this is limited to weekdays from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

No, there’s no need. Simply sign a contract with NINJA WiFi to rent and use their services. Devices compatible with NINJA WiFi can connect to the internet solely for the price of the rental charges without extra charges.

If you cancel more than four days prior to your reservation, you’ll receive a full refund of your booking. However, if you cancel within four days of your reservation, there’s a 100% cancellation fee. Should you decide to cancel within this 4-day period, please reach out to NINJA WiFi’s call center at +81-50-8882-5774.

Open weekdays 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and weekends 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM, or send them an email at

The processing time for the refund might vary based on your credit card company, but it can take up to 20 business days.

You will always be provided with a device of equal or greater value and performance if you rent via NINJA WiFi.

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Save time & money

Renting a pocket WiFi router from NINJA WiFi in Japan presents several advantages over purchasing a SIM card. One of the primary benefits is the ease of setup; there’s no need to replace your home SIM card or tweak any phone settings. You just turn on the pocket WiFi device and connect your gadgets to it. Furthermore, a significant advantage of pocket WiFi is its ability to allow multiple devices to connect simultaneously. Whether you have a smartphone, tablet, or laptop — or if you’re traveling with family or friends, everyone can be online without needing individual SIM cards.

Another advantage is consistent connectivity. While some SIM cards might pose limitations based on phone compatibility, with pocket WiFi, any device with WiFi capabilities can connect. Moreover, travelers can bypass the often time-consuming process of activating a SIM or entering into a contract. Companies like NINJA WiFi provide a generous data allowance, which can be favorably compared to some tourist SIM cards that might offer limited data.

From a cost perspective, if you’re traveling in a group, sharing a pocket WiFi can be more economical than everyone purchasing separate SIM cards. And for added convenience, companies like NINJA WiFi have counters at major airports for easy pickup and return of devices. As a bonus, you get your router at the airport and can start using your internet as soon as you leave the airport.

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