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Tourist facility benefits & JR Pass discounts

The new Japan Rail Pass include new benefits and discounts across Japan. Your JR Pass is no longer just a travel pass but also a very benefital and useful discount pass as well. Enjoy discounted prices on over 100+ hotels, temples, stores, souvenirs, entrance fees, food, free drinks and much more! 

The discounts are available for holders of the old priced JR Passes as well!

Discounts in each region

The JR Hotel Group operates a large amount of hotels, 80+ hotels to be exact and they all focus on good location and great connection to train stations in major cities. Discounts are available by simply calling and tell them you have purchased a Japan Rail Pass when making your hotel reservation. Keep in mind, some hotels does not offer discounts on certains dates. Conact the desirerd JR Hotel for more information.

Check out all hotels and contact details here:

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How do I use the discount?

Just present and show the staff your Japan Rail Pass and you will be given the discount / free amenities for the selected sightseeing facility. It’s super easy & convenient!

Popular JR discounts

Just a couple of examples from popular discount location in Japan, among many – many more! Click on the lists above to see all discounts.

jr tower
japanese food
himeji castle
shibuya sky
osaka castle
wakayama farm
otter hands
sushi coupon
Delivery car

Don't forget your JR Pass

As you finalize your plans for an unforgettable journey through Japan, there’s one essential item not to be overlooked, the Japan Rail Pass. This pass is not just a ticket, but a golden key to exploring the country while enjoying significant savings. Whether you’re chasing cherry blossoms, diving into historic sites, or simply craving the efficiency of Japan’s world-renowned train system, the Rail Pass ensures you travel seamlessly. Make sure to secure your Japan Rail Pass before you go! It’s more than just a convenience – it’s an investment in memories waiting to be made. Safe travels and enjoy every moment of your Japanese dream trip!