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Japan Rail Pass Are you eligible?

A Japan Rail Pass is sadly not for everyone and JR Group have set a few requirements, most visa requirements on who’s eligible to puchase and use a Japan Rail Pass. JR Group wont see between the fingers and are very strict regarding their conditions, which are ment to be followed. Please see below for more information regarding their requirements.

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Who is NOT eligible for a Japan Rail Pass?

  • Visitors on a student visa
  • Permanent residency visa
  • Long term visa for more than 90 days
  • Working holiday visa
  • Military visa
  • Entertainer visa
  • Tokubetsu Eijuken holders


Keep in mind that your Japan Rail Pass will be declined and refused exchange in Japan if your visa is any other than temporary visitor with the purpose of sigtseeing or a Japanese citizens living abrod for more than 10 years with a certificate from their local embassy comfirming the residency. This certificate has to be issued before you acn order your Japan Rail Pass. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your visa type. You can send us an email or visit our question form for faster help.

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Japanese citizen? Look here!

You are required to bring one of the following along with your Japan Rail Pass and passport during the MCO exhange in Japan.

  • Copy of your Overseas Residential Registration (在留届の写し) 
  • Certificate of Overseas Residence (在留証明書)
  • Permanent Resident Card (永住カード)


You will not be able to exhange your MCO in Japan if you don’t have this certificate with you. Keep in mind that the ovearseas residence certificate and residental registration has to be issued before you order your Japan Rail Pass and maximum 6 month old when you exhange your MCO for a JR Pass in Japan.

Japanese children below the age of 12

Children under the age of 12 has to be included in a family Overseas Residential Registration, confirming they have lived abroad their entire life or atleast 10 consecutive years. The Japan Rail Pass can only be used in company with an adult. Read more about it here.