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How to order and collect Internet in Japan

Having a pocket WiFi router during your stay in Japan is super useful and convenient. If you travel as a couple, a family or a group of friends you will save a lot of money on a pocket router instead of getting individual sim cards as 5 devices can be connected and use the internet at the same time.

Collect your Pocket WiFi

You can choose to pick up your Pocket WiFi Router at most major airports, at Ninja WiFi’s office in Shinjuku or have it pre-delivered to your hotel before you arrive. Most convenient is to pick it up at the airport, it only takes a couple of minutes if ordered beforehand and will grant you access to internet instantly, which may help navigating from the airport to your hotel.

ninja wifi pocket internet router
Step 1

Order your Pocket WiFi Router

Order your router from Ninja WiFi with our discount code. We recommend picking up your router at the desk at your airport, as it will help you navigate from the airport and help your check timetables, busses and trains. It’s more expensive to rent without reservation, make sure to reserve your booking before you travel to Japan and get an additional 10% off your booking with our discount code. The discount is shown in your cart during checkout on Ninja WiFi’s website. The discount will be applied automaticly by following the link above.

exchange office
Step 2

Visit your chosen pick-up location

Head towards the desk at your pre-selected pick-up location (Haneda Aiport shown in the picture) and talk to the staff. The queues are normaly very short as it’s very fast pick-up process.

jonathan at desk
Step 3

Collect your Pocket Internet

Your Pocket WiFi router will already be prepared and ready to be picked up whren you land. The staff will show you how to connect your devices and how to get started, it’s super-easy!

What's in the package?

Your Pocket WiFi Router from Ninja WiFi will come fully stocked with everyting you need during your stay. The WiFi Router, a charger, documentation, a pouch if you’ve chosen to drop off at a Family Mart / 7-eleven or hotel, shipping label and much more.

ninja wifi qr code

First look at the case

This is how your pocket WiFi is collected, covered in a soft case with all need accessories and guides on how to use and connect devides.

inside the package

Inside the case

Once opened you will find the Pocket WiFi router, your charger and cable as well s your order details and some folders with information and guides. You don’t have to carry around on the case during the day. The battery will be enough for the day, just bring the Pocket Router and you’re good to go!

How can I return my router?

Ninja WiFi have made it very easy to return your rented Pocket WiFi Router, you can either drop it off at the airport at a special returnbox, drop it of at a convenientstore, hotel / hostel or drop it off at their office in Shinjuku. We will show you more in detail below.

waiting in line

Return at the airport

Just put everything back in the cover case and insert the case in the mailbox looking boxes next to the pick-up counter at the airport. Just leave it in there, you don’t have to talk to the staff or queue up to return the router.


Return at hotels or stores

You can chose to return the pocket router at any Family Mart and 7-eleven while on the run, or have your hotel or hostel send it for you. Most hotels offer the service and will help you fill out the form. Simply put everything in the cover and insert the cover into the included plastic pouch and seal it.

This service cost 550 JPY including tax.

shinjuku office

Return at Shinjuku office

The office is located very central and found in Kabukicho, Shinjuku. This office offers same day reservation and pick-up (not possible with hotel delivery or airport pick-up). Their office is open from 10.00 – 18.00 on workdays.

KDX Higashi Shinjuku Building 5F, 2-4-10 Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.

How do I use the Pocket Router?

It’s super easy, and you’ll get connected in just a couple of seconds!

ninja wifi pocket internet router
Step 1

Start the display

There’s a button at the top of the device which will unlock and open the screen. The USB-C chargeport is located on the underside of the device for easy and fast charging.

data usage
Step 2

Slide up from the bottom

Once the screen shows up, you can slide brom the bottom to open unlock the device. You’ll see how much data you use, connection, battery life, router password, optimization programs and much more. Press the QR Code icon to display the QR Code for super-easy connection.

QR code internet
Step 3

Scan the QR code

You can either simply scan the code and have it connect automaticly. Android users may scan with the camera, iPhone users may have to enter settings > WiFi > QR code to scan the code. You can also connect to it as normal with the password shown on the screen.

You can be connected and use the internet with up to 5 devices at the same time. 

acces sinternet mountain

Stay connect on your trips

You’re connected, Japan awaits and you’re ready to explore this fantastic country. With internet access you’re able to share your pictures with friends and family, use google maps, check timetables and other related apps. You can surf the internet and social media, just like home without any limitations.

pocket wifi router

Use on Shinkansen

The free internet on Shinkansen superexpress trains are very slow. Having your own internent will allow you to watch tiktok, youtube, netflix and other social media platforms without any downtime. The free WiFi on the train will barely load instagram images while you scroll.

wifi logo

Reserve your Pocket Router

Read more about the Pocket WiFi and check up on prices for your rental, pick-up locations and more on the main page. Follow the link from there and get 10% the price on your next booking at Ninja WiFi!