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This map will help you with train rides between the popular cities Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe, as well as the local airport Kansai Airport. Including the Tokaido Sany-yo Shinkansen line passing through all 3 of the mentioned main cities as well as all the stops on the way. Plus local, rapic, express trains and buss lines in the area. All covered by JR!

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Don't forget your JR Pass

As you finalize your plans for an unforgettable journey through Japan, there’s one essential item not to be overlooked, the Japan Rail Pass. This pass is not just a ticket, but a golden key to exploring the country while enjoying significant savings. Whether you’re chasing cherry blossoms, diving into historic sites, or simply craving the efficiency of Japan’s world-renowned train system, the Rail Pass ensures you travel seamlessly. Make sure to secure your Japan Rail Pass before you go! It’s more than just a convenience – it’s an investment in memories waiting to be made. Safe travels and enjoy every moment of your Japanese dream trip!