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Look here, super important!

All Japan Rail Passes has to be shipped out physically. Do NOT order if it’s less than 14 days until your departure to Japan.

If an order is placed too close to departure, a refund will be processed to your original card used upon purchase minus the cost of Stripe’s transactions fees as well as a handling fee of 25 EUR. You accept the conditions by continue with your order from this step.

Use the correct name

Double-check all the passenger information twice. It’s super important to have it correct for all travelers! Please check your details once more and remember that the names must be in exact order and with the same spelling as your passport without special letters. For example, ‘Björn’ becomes ‘Bjoern’. Do not miss this!

Activate within 90 days

The JR Pass can be activated within 90 days from the order date. Make sure not to order your JR Pass too far in advance as they are only valid for 3 months after purchase and are declined on the spot in Japan if one has expired. We therefore recommend that you order your JR Pass about 4-6 weeks before the planned departure.

Japanese citizen?

Japanese citizens must obtain a certificate from the Japanese Embassy stating that you have lived outside Japan for more than 10 consecutive years. All Japanese citizens over the age of 12 must have their own certificate, even if they have lived in abroad all their life. Those under the age of 12 can have their name printed in their parents’ certificates.

This document must be printed by the embassy BEFORE you can order your JR Pass. You will be denied the exchange of JR Pass in Japan if the dates do not match. It is your own responsibility to double check this before you go. Click here for more information.

Not a Japanese citizen? Ignore this information. You do NOT need a certificate.


Authorized Agent is an authorized Japan Rail Pass agent.