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How To Use the Narita Express

Use the Narita Express to Tokyo

The Narita Express is a fantastic transportation option from Narita Airport to Tokyo. It’s quite costly, but luckily included and free to use for everyone with a Japan Rail Pass. Get your Japan Rail Pass today and use the Narita Express unlimited times during your stay in Japan! Keep in mind that seat reservation is required on this train, regardless of the hour. The staff at any JR desk will book it for you free of charge as a JR Pass holder.

japan rail pass card

1. Activate your JR Pass

Start by activating your Japan Rail Pass at your nearest JR desk. Most tourists will arrive at Narita Aiport Terminal 2, and your nearest JR desk will be the JR East Travel Service Center, where you can exchange your JR Pass and book your ticket with the Narita Express. 

The staff will book it free of charge while you exchange and activate your Japan Rail Pass. Keep in mind that the Narita Express only has reserved seating and no non-reserved cars.

Would you like to know how to activate your Japan Rail Pass at Narita Airport? We have a fantastic step-by-step guide and video on how to activate your JR Pass.

Loicat the proper sign

2. Look for NEX sign

Look for the red Narita Express “NEX” sign on the roof. It can spotted quite easily with its red square and white mark. It’s quite close from the JR Office to the Narita Express entrance gate.

Holding to the right

3. Hold to your right

After walking a few meters, turn right and keep an eye out for a sign with an arrow pointing towards the front-left. The sign will have “Narita Express Terminal 2-3 Station” written on it, along with a red NEX sign and a blue JO Line sign.

passing automatic gate

4. Pass the gate

When using the Japan Rail Pass, please insert it into the automatic gate and pass through. It is important to ensure that you pick up the pass on the other side of the gate. The pass cannot be refunded or re-issued if it is lost, so please keep this in mind throughout your stay in Japan.

woman with luggage

5. Look for your escalator

To find the entrance to your train wagon, first locate the number of your wagon on the ticket that was issued to you by the JR Staff when you exchanged your Japan Rail Pass. The train consists of 12 cars, with cars 1-7 being straight ahead and cars 8-12 located to the right of the first escalator.

narita expres ssign

6. Find your wagon number

Head down the escalator and locate your train car/wagon. The number of your wagon can be located on the roof. Stand in line and be sure to enter the correct car.

victoria on train

7. Locate your seat

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure! Japan is a remarkable country with incredible cities, amiable people, delicious food, and countless places to visit.

Don’t have a Japan Rail Pass yet? Get yours before your trip!


Enjoy the video guide instead

We made a video about the full step-by-steg guide how to book and reach the Narita Express affter your Japan Rail Pass has been exchanged. We have more videos on our youtube-channel including videos on how to book and reserve seating on Shinkansen trains as well as how to exhange your Japan Rail Pass in Japan and how to charge your Pasmo and Suica cards.

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Get your Japan Rail Pass

Don’t forget your Japan Rail Pass before you leave for Japan. Save both time and money with unlimited use of JR’s Shinkansen bullet trains, local and express lines.

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