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This detailed railway may of JR Lines showcases the primary railway routes operated by JR East within the Tokyo metropolitan region. Highlighting key stations, interchanges, and service lines, the map provides a clear and concise overview of the network, ensuring efficient navigation and travel planning within Japan’s busiest urban zone.

Extra in Tokyo

Station numbers map

This map is also over Tokyo and it’s surouding area, showing JR Lines which may be used with your Japan Rail Pass. The map above is detailed with names, while this map can be very handy with station numbers. The number makes the map very easy to navigate and follow when using the Yamanote loop line as an example. Or to calculate how many stops you have to go from one station to another.

japan rail pass folder

Don't forget your JR Pass

As you finalize your plans for an unforgettable journey through Japan, there’s one essential item not to be overlooked, the Japan Rail Pass. This pass is not just a ticket, but a golden key to exploring the country while enjoying significant savings. Whether you’re chasing cherry blossoms, diving into historic sites, or simply craving the efficiency of Japan’s world-renowned train system, the Rail Pass ensures you travel seamlessly. Make sure to secure your Japan Rail Pass before you go! It’s more than just a convenience – it’s an investment in memories waiting to be made. Safe travels and enjoy every moment of your Japanese dream trip!